If you are arrested while in Florida or if a warrant for your arrest has been signed and you do not reside within the State of Florida, it is extremely important that you hire an attorney. In most cases, this can save you time, money and grief.

For misdemeanors and felonies, our office will execute the appropriate waiver of appearance. The main issue with an out of town arrestee is that you will have an active warrant for your arrest. In most circumstance we will arrange for an in-court surrender so the warrant can be served. We will negotiate a bond with the State prior to your arrival or have an agreed determination as to your release on pre-trial services making sure you do NOT go into custody.

The waiver of appearance allows your attorney to appear on your behalf in court so you do not need to spend money and time traveling from out of state for Court. In some instances, we will be able to negotiate certain resolutions that may not require you to come back to Florida to resolve your case!